Adam Rooney

Adam Rooney
Adam Rooney.jpg
Name Adam Rooney
Age 26
Nation IrelandFlag.png Ireland
Position CF
Club Squad No. 9
Nation Squad No.
Key stats Response 76

Agility 75 Shot Accuracy 71

He is not related to Wayne Rooney.

Adam Rooney is an Irish striker who plays for Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC who do not appear in PES 2009 but Adam does with former club Stoke City. He is a young striker and has the same name as the more famous Rooney; Wayne, but that is where the comparisons end as Adam has poor stats, slightly off goal record and not a decent development curve unlike Wayne. Adam looks set not to be involved in the next PES as his club are unlikely to be licensed but most gamers will not recognise he's gone.

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