Alain Boghossian

Alain Boghossian
Alain Boghossian.jpg
Name Alain Boghossian
PES Age 28
Nation FranceFlag.png Classic France
Position DMF
Nation Squad No. 14
Year Professionally Retired 2003
Key stats Body Balance - 84
Stamina - 80
Response - 80

Alain Boghossian is a French former footballer of Armenian descent who now features for Classic France as a defensive midfielder under the name Bodolysin. The former Parma and Napoli player is a worthwhile signing for most club sides although he is best used as backup or as a substitute, much like he is used for Classic France where he is forced out by the likes of Didier Deschamps and Christian Karembeu.

Boghossian (left) next to Raymond Domenech
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