Alexandre Geijo

Alexandre Geijo
Watford - Geijo.jpg
Image From PES Edit Patch
Name Alexandre Geijo
Age 33
Nation SpainFlag.png Spain
Position CF
Club Squad No. 36

Alexandre Geijo is a Spanish forward playing for Brescia Calcio in full contract,brought from Udinese in the summer 2015 transfer window.

In PES 2013 he is not in the game, but is on the PES Edit Patch for PES 2013. He however has a default face, no special or preset face.

[edit] PES 2013

Alexandre Geijo is a average player and he is only on loan, it would be strongly recommended not to fully sign this player, allow the loan to run out and send him back to Udinese or wherever, he is an average squad player and won't improve you're Watford squad.

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