Name Allejo
Age 39
Nation Brazil Brazil
Position SS, CF, AMF
Key stats (PES 2014) Speed - 89
Ball Control- 87
Explosive Power - 87

Allejo is a fictional Brazilian forward who plays for Master League Default Latin America squad. He is very remembered by PES fans because of his appearances within ISS Deluxe and ISS 64 as a player of the Brazilian national team.


[edit] ISS and ISS Deluxe

Allejo features as a striker for Brazil. He wears N° 7, with his real counterpart being Bebeto.

[edit] ISS 64

In this edition of the game, Allejo takes the place of N° 9 striker Ronaldo. His hairstyle changes to reflect this.

[edit] Trivia

  • In PES 2013, the first game that he reappeared, he is 35 years old. This means that he was just around 17 years old when he first appeared in ISS and ISS Deluxe based on time when the games are released.[1][2]
  • His appearence is very different in his PES incarnation compared to his ISS incarnation, a thing that is very debbated by ISS/PES fans.[3]

[edit] References


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