Alvaro Recoba

Alvaro Recoba
Name Álvaro Alexander Recoba Rivero
Age 42
Nation UruguayFlag.png Uruguay
Position SS, AMF
Club Squad No. 20
Nation Squad No. retired
Key stats Dribble Accuracy - 89
Shot Power - 87
Swerve - 93

Alvaro Recoba (nicknamed 'El Chino' because of his Chinese looks) is a Uruguayan footballer who plays for Club Nacional de Fútbol and does not feature anymore in PES as he is also not in the Uruguay squad. Instead he is an unlockable player called Reora. He gained notoriety in the PES gaming series thanks to his remarkable freekick and shooting stats.

[edit] Pre-PES 2010

Recoba's strengths are his dribbling, technique, pace and a strong, accurate left-footed shot. But lately his stats have been lowered since he is clearly past his peak nowdays. His peak stats in PES 4 were: Dribble Accuracy 96, Dribble Speed 95, Shot Power 94, Swerve 97, Technique 95.

He is a free-kick specialist and as such, occupies his own free-kick style in game. Despite these strengths, he has glaring weaknesses in fragility, both mentally and physically. His consistency, team work, stamina, low injury tolerance and complete reliance on his left foot leave him with much to be desired about his all-round game. There are very obvious similarities in style of play between Recoba and Rivaldo.

Due to his lower weak foot frequency and high technique, he is famed for being a player who can perform the Rabona skill. His swerving ability and high shot technique also allow him to perform some magnificently difficult shots, whilst his ability to simply hammer goals in thanks to his long-range middle shooting special ability and extremely high shot power make him a danger from all positions.

[edit] PES 2010

As his club (FC Danubio Montevideo) is not in the game, Recoba can be found as a PES-Shop player under the fake name Reora. His stats have been lowered, especially stamina and speed stats, reflecting the fact that he is aging and losing his body strenght.

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