Angelo Peruzzi

Angelo Peruzzi
Angelo Peruzzi.jpg
Name Angelo Peruzzi
Age 45
Nation Italy
Position GK
Key stats (PES 2012) Defence - 96
Goal keeping skills - 93
Responsiveness - 90
Previous Clubs Roma
Inter Milan

Angelo Peruzzi is an Italian former goalkeeper who played 31 times for Italy. He is usually backup for Gianluca Pagliuca although the 2 players have roughly the same stats. He has also featured as Lazio's goalkeeper in all PES games before PES 6 and he was known by his real name in those installments. He also appeared for Italy on occasions but was almost always backup for Buffon or Toldo.

He uses the fake name Perucchi in the PES Shop.

Peruzzi for Lazio
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