Antonio Adan

Antonio Adán
Name Antonio Adán Garrido
Age 27
Nation SpainFlag.png Spain
Position GK
Club Squad No. 13
Nation Squad No. -
Key stats Defence - 74
Body Balance - 83
Response - 76
Previous Clubs None

Antonio Adán is a Spanish goalkeeper currently playing for Real Madrid in La Liga.


[edit] PES 2010

Adán makes his debut in this installment of PES after the November Update and provides cover for Iker Casillas and Jerzy Dudek. Adan is the only player in the Madrid squad without a Preset Face but is considered a good signing as he is tipped to be a top drawer keeper.

[edit] PES 2011

Antonio Adán is still behind Jerzy Dudek and Iker Casillas in the pecking order, but is still considered a great keeper.

[edit] PES 2012

After the retirement of Jerzy Dudek, Adán is now only understudy to Iker Casillas and is given starts in the cup competitions.

[edit] PES 2013

Adán is given his first preset face due to becoming an important member of the Real Madrid squad.

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