Bebeto CB.jpg
Name José Roberto Gama de Oliveira
PES Age 28
Nation ClassicBrazil.png Classic Brazil
Position CF
Year Professionally Retired 2002
Key stats Attack 87

Top Speed 90 Agility 88

Bebeto is one of many great strikers present in the Classic Brazil squad. With Pele, Romario and Careca already present in the squad, Bebeto (or Benar as he is known in PES) adds increased firepower to an attacking side. He faces a lot of competition but still manages to make a few appearances especially if the maximum of 6 substitutions are used in the exhibition match. Unfortunately he is only available after the Classic Brazil team is unlocked after winning the World Cup with the present Brazil team. Unfortunately the PES Bebeto bears little resemblance to the real player and, much like Socrates and Maradona, his skin is too dark.

Bebeto celebrating
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