Bobo Balde

Bobo Balde
Bobo Balde.JPG
Name Dianbobo Baldé
Age 39
Nation GuineaFlag.png Guinea
Position CB
Club Squad No.
Nation Squad No.
Key stats Defence - 75
Body Balance - 90
Jump - 82
Previous Clubs Celtic

Dianbobo "Bobo" Balde is a Guinean centre back who plays for AC Arles-Avignon. Most notably he played for Scottish team Celtic when he was at his peak and was one of the strongers defenders in PES. His career was quite successful at Celtic but, afeter turning 30, he fell out of favour and rarely played during the last few years; this had an effect on his stats aside from his impressive strength. His strength is a key asset to his play and is very hard to shrug the ball off, but any speedy striker will get past him due to Balde's lack of pace.

[edit] PES 4

Balde, aging 29, is at his peak and his stats reflects this: he has 84 in Defence, an amazing 96 in Body Balance and 83 in Response. He is not even slow with 77 and 76 in Top Speed and Acceleration.

[edit] PES 5 to PES 2010

After hitting his peak, Balde' s stats started to deteriorate installment after installment.

[edit] PES 2011

Balde plays for Valenciennes and is still a strong centre back with 90 in Body Balance but he is very slow. He moved to AC Arles-Avignon during the winter market.

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