Carl Jenkinson

Carl Jenkinson
Arsenal - Jenkinson.jpgJenkinsonRL.jpg
Name Carl Daniel Jenkinson
Age 23
Nation FinlandFlag.png Finland
Position SB, CB
Club Squad No. 25
Nation Squad No.
Key stats Top Speed - 81
Long Pass Accuracy - 76
Stamina - 75
Previous Clubs Charlton

Carl Jenkinson is a young English-born Finnish defender who plays for Arsenal.

[edit] PES 2012

Jenkinson makes his debut in this installment of PES in PES 2012 along with some others reserves player from Arsenal FC . He is given an overall rating of 66.

[edit] PES 2013

Jenkinson has been given a Preset Face and has an overall rating of 70.

Jenkinson is a very average side back for Arsenal. For a team such as Arsenal, if you are starting a Master League with the Gunners, it may be wise to transfer list Jenkinson or send him on loan until he improves his stats.

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