Chilean Primera División

Chilean Primera División
Campeonato Nacional Petrobras.png
Full Name Primera División del Fútbol Profesional Chileno
PES Name Campeonato Nacional Petrobras
Founded 1933
First Appearance PES 2014
Number of teams 18
Most championships Colo-Colo (29)
Current champions Unión Española

The Chilean First Division became licensed in PES 2014, making it the most recent league to be licensed along with the Argentine Primera División. Oddly, the league was not featured in the 2015 edition of Pro Evolution Soccer, returning only in the following edition, with only a few teams licensed. Unión Española are the current holders of the league title.

[edit] Teams

There are 18 teams participating in Campeonato Nacional Petrobras, they are:

Badge Club Name PES Name
DeportesAntofagasta.png Antofagasta AN White Blue (PES 2016)
AudaxItalianoBadge.png Audax Italiano RM Green White (PES 2016)
Cobreloa.png Cobreloa N/A
Cobresal.png Cobresal Licensed
Colo-Colo.png Colo-Colo Licensed
EvertondeVina.png Everton N/A
Huachipato.png Huachipato Licensed
Iquique.png Iquique Licensed
Nublense.PNG Ñublense N/A
OHiggins.png O'Higgins LI Aqua (PES 2016)
Palestino.png Palestino Licensed
RangersdeTalca.png Rangers N/A
SantiagoWanderers.png Santiago Wanderers VL Green (PES 2016)
UnionEspanola.png Unión Española RM Red Yellow (PES 2016)
UnionCalera.gif La Calera VL Red (PES 2016)
CDUC.png Universidad Católica Licensed
Club Universidad de Chile.png Universidad de Chile Licensed
UniversidadConcepcion.png Universidad de Concepción BI Yellow Blue (PES 2016)

[edit] Trivia

  • The two-letter code preceding some of the teams' fictional names in PES 2016 indicates the Chilean region from which each team is:
    • AN = Antofagasta (Antofagasta)
    • AP = Arica y Parinacota (San Marcos)
    • BI = Bío Bío (Universidad Concepción)
    • LI = Libertador General (O'Higgins)
    • RM = Santiago Metropolitan Region (Audax Italiano, Unión Española)
    • VL = Valparaíso (San Luis, Wanderers, Unión La Calera)

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