Daniel Jarque

Daniel Jarque
Name Daniel Jarque González
Age 26 (when he passed away)
Nation SpainFlag.png Spain
Position CB
Club Squad No. 21 (Number Retired)
Nation Squad No.
Key stats Defence - 78
Body Balance - 84
Stamina - 80
Previous Clubs None

Daniel Jarque was a Spanish footballer who made his last appearance in PES 2010 as a first team centre back of Espanyol, the club he represented for all his PES appearances. He was useful for Espanyol as a tall, commanding centre back who also had a great attacking threat during corners with his height and good heading skills.

[edit] PES 2010

He was meant to be the captain of the Spanish club in PES 2010.

[edit] Real Life

Andres Iniesta, a close personal friend, dedicated the World Cup winning goal to him by removing his shirt to reveal a vest which read, 'Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros' which translates as, 'Dani Jarque, always with us.'

Daniel Jarque
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