Daniele Massaro

Daniele Massaro
Daniele Massaro.jpg
Name Daniele Massaro
PES Age 29
Nation ItalyFlag.png Classic Italy
Position CF
Year Professionally Retired 2007
Key stats Attack 84

Stamina 81 Shot Accuracy 90

Daniele Massaro is the main striker for Classic Italy in PES 2009 under the alias Malgale. He usually plays in front of the great Roberto Baggio who is a support striker. This is all despite the fact that he has played only 15 games for Italy and scored only one goal. His main claim to fame in real life is participating in the 1994 World Cup as runners-up alongside the likes of Baggio and Franco Baresi. Like many players in the Classic Italy squad he spent a lot of his career at AC Milan.

Massaro with the UEFA Champions League Cup
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