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The Default ML Team Guide is an advanced level walkthrough for the PES 2008 default Master League team created by TVI to aid gamers who have already got a good working knowledge of the game with getting the best out of the notoriously poor default players. The guide expands on the existing thread created by TVI for the PES6 game edition, covering a range of things from basic strategies to use with the side (such as working on set-piece plays, maintaining possession and applying extra pressure with your defence) to tactics (such as formations which work well and which players to use in which roles on the pitch) to highly detailed analyses of each players' strengths and weaknesses.

The guide was made as a thread on the PES2008 PS3 forum on Neoseeker originally, but has proved highly popular in its pictorial form, created to allow TVI to put the thread up on the Pesfan site due to its more stringent image quantity restrictions compared with Neoseeker.

The general consensus is that the thread is an unparralleled tour de force in some of the high skill and top-end techniques and tactics for use on the game, not just with the default players but with any team in general. There aren't too many PES gamers in the world who wouldn't learn something from reading TVI's superb in-depth appraisal of the default team.

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