Derp and TVI's Development Database

The Development Database is a Microsoft Excel file constructed by Neoseeker member Derp and published by another member, TVI. The file was created to give PES gamers more of an insight into top developing players in the Master League mode on Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. It can be downloaded here.

Example of the Development Database

[edit] Details

The Development Database lists players from all over the game that develop well in the Master League. The criteria for 'good developing' players is that the player should increase their development curve by at least 2 points. They should also reach a minimum of 82 on their development curve if they develop with a plateau, and a minimum of 85 on their curve if they develop with a peak.
Peak Development Curve
Plateau Development Curve

[edit] The Columns

The Microsoft Excel file consists of six columns which contain information about every player on the database, and a gamer will look at these characteristics to see if a player is the right buy for them. They are as follows:

Name - This column simply states the name of the player on the game. (Note that players first names that appear defaulty on the game have been abbreviated on the database.)

Team - This is the team that the specific player appears for on the game (by default). Bare in mind also that the player may have been transferred during your ML campaign.

League - This the league that the player and his default team play in.

Positions - This column lists the positions that the player can play in. On the file his primary position is his first one listed.

Foot/Side - This states the players' strongest foot and their preferred side of the field they like to play on.

Start Age/Ability - The players' age when the Master League campaign begins, and their current level of ability on their development curve.

Peak Age/Ability - The age at which the individual reaches the highest point on their development curve, and their ability when this happens.

Stars - This column lists the special ability stars that the player possesses.

Nationality - This lists the nationality of the player.

Height - This states the height of the player (in centimetres). This column is ideal for people searching for a tall centre back or target man.

Picture - By clicking on the <-----> symbol, you are able to view a screenshot hosted on the internet which shows the players' development graph.

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