Diego Benaglio

Diego Benaglio
Name Diego Orlando Benaglio
Age 31
Nation SwitzerlandFlag.png Switzerland
Position GK
Club Squad No. 1
Nation Squad No. 1
Key stats Defence - 87
Response - 87
GK skills - 86

Diego Benaglio (pronounced Ben-AL-ee-o) is a Swiss goalkeeper who has a peak of 91 in PES 2008 making him one of the best in the Master League. Only Petr Cech is better than him in PES 2008 Master League; however in PES 2009 there are a handful of better goalkeepers for Master League development. He currently plays for Wolfsburg hich is not in the game, but he is the main goalkeeper for Switzerland. He is quite tall making him difficult to beat.

Benaglios development curve in PES 2008 ML

[edit] PES 2010

He received a stat boost making him a good goalkeeper with 87 response and 86 GK skills.

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