Diego Milito

Diego Milito
Diego milito.png
Name Diego Alberto Milito
Age 39
Nation ArgentinaFlag.png Argentina
Position CF
Club Squad No. 22
Nation Squad No. 9
Key stats Attack - 94
Response - 92
Shot Accuracy - 95
Previous Clubs Real Zaragoza

Diego Milito is an Argentinian international striker who plays for Racing.


[edit] PES 2009

He doesn't have a preset face much to people's disappointment and he is also missing from the original version of PES 2009 but is put into the Genoa squad after the Konami Update.

[edit] PES 2010

Because he has made it into the Argentina squad he now receives a preset. Milito is a very good striker that any team would be lucky to have because he features very high attacking attributes. His attack is 92 making him able to find better positions to score from. His response is 92 so he will able to quickly react to a goalkeeper spilling the ball and he will then be able to capitalise on this. He also has very high shooting stats, he has 92 shot accuracy, 91 shot technique and 85 shot power making him a threat from anywhere near the goal. He is also very good in the air with 84 jump and 86 header matched with his height of 183 cm so it will be easy to score from cross and corners. He has okay stamina and body balance both 81 but he may not be able to last 90 minutes or out muscle some defenders. He also lacks good speed making him not very great when the ball is played to feet. His dribbling attributes are not very high so he will be a slow mover with the ball and it will be better to pass and move. His top speed is 79 so he will not be very effective when given a through ball.

He features the card Goal Poacher so he is a predatory striker that will play off the last man. He also has the Skill Cards reaction, 1-on-1 Finish and 1-touch play making him better at finishing off chances and more effective during build up play.

[edit] PES 2011

After a great season which saw him score the crucial goals that allowed Inter to win the treble for the first time, he received a stat boost and now he has an amazing 95 rating in Shot Accuracy as well as many other very high stats.

Overall Milito is a very good target man however he does require a quick striker to make him fully effective, which is found in the Inter squad in Samuel Eto'o which some say is one of the best attacking partnerships in the game.

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