Diego Tristan

Diego Tristan
Diego Tristan.jpg
Name Diego Tristan Herrera
Age 42
Nation Spain
Position CF
Club Squad No. 10
Nation Squad No. Retired
Key stats Attack 80

Dribble Accuracy 83 Shot Accuracy 80

Diego Tristan is a Spanish striker who played for Cadiz following his release from West Ham United. Tristan does not appear in the original PES 2009 after being a free agent after Livorno released him and he signed for West Ham after the release of PES09, but once Version 1.20 is downloaded he appears for West Ham.

Tristan was rated as one of Spain's top strikers along with Raul but he injury problems meant he could not appear as much for the national team as he would have wanted. He also had a preset face in earlier PES installments but it has since been removed.

Tristan's preset face in PES 5.
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