Dmitri Sennikov

Dmitri Sennikov
Name Dmitri Aleksandrovich Sennikov
Age 38
Nation RussiaFlag.png Russia
Position SB CB WB
Club Squad No. 17
Nation Squad No. retired
Key stats Defence 75

Stamina 82 Top Speed 80

Previous Clubs None

Dmitri Sennikov is a Russian full back currently playing for Lokomotiv Moscow in Other Leagues. Sennikov plays as a right footed left back and is also capable of playing as a centre back. He has been at Lokomotiv for 15 years and has made nearly 200 club appearances.

[edit] PES 2010

Sennikov makes his PES debut in the Lokomotiv squad and although not in the default first team due to Oleg Kuzmin he is still a very good player for the club and is often used.

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