EcuadorFlag.png Ecuador.png
Team Name Ecuador
Stadium Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa
Manager ColombiaFlag.png Reinaldo Rueda
Captain Walter Ayovi
Confederation CONMEBOL
Five Star Ranking Rankingstar.png

Ecuador (pronounced EK-wa-dor) are a South American nation who possess some quality. In real life they are known for having an excellent goal record and quite often qualify for major tournaments because of this. They have many top quality players in their squad. They have three Premiership players: Felipe Caicedo, Segundo Castillo and Antonio Valencia. Other notable players include PSV's Edison Mendez, captain and record caps holder Ivan Hurtado, Felix Borja and Mexico-based Christian Benitez.

In older PES games Ecuador players had false names but nowadays they have the correct names but no licensed kits.

[edit] PES 2013 Squad

Pos. No. Name
GK.png 22 Alexander Dominguez Docnoboz
CB.png 23 Jairo Campos Juancarlo
CB.png 3 Frickson Erazo Efranuz
RB.png 4 Juan Carlos Paredes Padolla
LMF.png 10 Walter Ayovi Wagner
DMF.png 14 Segundo Castillo Caldamillo
CMF.png 6 Christian Noboa Norya
RMF.png 16 Antonio Valencia Vandia
LMF.png 9 Jefferson Montero Monvergo
SS.png 7 Joao Rojas Roharrez
SS.png 11 Christian Benitez Bernalez
GK.png 1 Maximo Banguera Baquirra
CB.png 2 Jorge Guagua Guragura
CB.png 21 Gabriel Achilier Alyachuri
LB.png 20 Diego Calderon Calmadoz
DMF.png 5 Oswaldo Minda Mitoz
DMF.png 15 Pedro Quinonez Queronaz
CMF.png 8 Edison Mendez Mencis
RMF.png 13 Cristian Suarez Cruzarez
AMF.png 19 Luis Saritama Saytala
RWF.png 18 Renato Ibarra Raillarrez
CF.png 17 Jaime Ayovi Achive
CF.png 12 Felix Borja Bozalle

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