Eljero Elia

Eljero Elia
Name Eljero George Rinaldo Elia
Age 28
Nation NetherlandsFlag.png Netherlands
Position WF, SMF, SS
Club Squad No. 17
Nation Squad No. 17
Key stats Top speed - 85
Dribble accuracy - 82
Dribble speed - 86
Previous Clubs ADO Den Haag

Eljero Elia is a Dutch international striker who plays for Juventus.

[edit] PES 2010

After the update (1.04) Elia is removed from the game due to him playing for Hamburg.

After the latest update (1.07) Elia is placed at the National Team of the Netherlands. His stat's are not updated, as he's much faster in real life.

Since he's only 22, he does have a lot of room for improvement, he develops quite slowly however can become a good dribbler of the ball. His overall is only 69 which means he'll rarely make the Dutch first team since there are much better options.

He's capable of performing the Quick Scissors Dribble.

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