Essam El-Hadary

Essam El-Hadary
Essam El-Hadary.jpg
Name Essam Kamal Tawfik El-Hadary
Age 42
Nation EgyptFlag.png Egypt
Position GK
Club Squad No. 20
Nation Squad No. 1
Key stats (PES 2012) Goalkeeping Skills - 80
Body Balance - 86
Response - 81

Essam El-Hadary is Egypt's best goalkeeper and their first choice making over a hundred appearances for his club and he is now close to retirement. He currently plays for Alexandrian Union Club.

PES 2009 is El Hadary's first appearance in PES as Egypt were never a playable nation and his previous clubs were not in the club lists either.

He is incorrectly spelt El Hadry in PES.

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