Exhibition Mode

In Exhibition Mode you can choose one of the following:

[edit] PES 2008

  • Exhibition - Where you choose number of players, teams, kits and game settings before starting a match.
  • 1P Quick Start - Select this mode to use either the default or last used game settings. It's much quicker than Exhibition Mode.
  • 2P Quick Start - Where you and your friend can play against each other using the default or last used game settings for a quick match.
  • Penalties - Select this mode to practise your penalties in a penalty shoot-out. Choose your team and select your 5 penalty takers. It is worth nothing that you can bring on subs to take penalties rather than the XI you had on the field at the end of extra time.

[edit] PES 2010

You can select whether to play:

  • Vs. Player - 2-4 players can play in a match, either on the same team or separate.
  • Vs. COM - the standard option where you play against the CPU.
  • Custom - you can select an option to 'Spectate Match', where the CPU will play against itself. This option is normally used to release bias from Offline Competitions.

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