Fernández is a common Spanish surname. Fernandes is the Portuguese form. Players in PES bearing this surname include:

[edit] Fernandes

CMF.png Gelson Fernandes - Swiss international footballer, cousin of Manuel.

CMF.png Manuel Fernandes- Portuguese footballer for Valencia.

[edit] Fernandez

GK.png Andres - Spanish keeper known as A.Fernandez in PES.

AMF.png Augusto Fernandez - Argentine footballer who plays for River Plate.

AMF.png Gabriel Fernandez - Spanish midfielder known as Gabi.

CF.png Guyon Fernandez - Dutch striker.

DMF.png Luis Fernandez- Spanish-born French former footballer, now at Classic France.

SS.png Luis Garcia Fernandez - Spanish striker for Espanyol.

GK.png Mario Fernandez - Spanish goalkeeper.

SMF.png Mati Fernandez - Chilean footballer playing for Sporting CP.

GK.png Rowen Fernandez - South African goalkeeper.

GK.png Raul Fernandez - Peruvian goalkeeper.

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