Fernando Redondo

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Fernando Redondo
Fernando Redondo.jpg
Name Fernando Carlos Redondo Neri
PES Age 29
Nation ClassicArgentina.png Classic Argentina
Position DMF
Year Professionally Retired 2004
Key stats Response 85

Dribble Accuracy 91 Long Pass Accuracy 90

Fernando Redondo is an Argentine former footballer who last played professional football for AC Milan. Nowadays in the PES Series he is found in the Classic Argentina squad under the name Roguiero. In real life he is most notable as being Real Madrid's best defensive midfielder where he played for more than half a decade but unfortunately he left them just before the first PES game was made and he moved to AC Milan where he was only used as a reserve player. He was less of a regular at international level as he was often overlooked and had many disputes with other players, he therefore retired before the first PES game but is still considered a legend and influential player by some players such as Fernando Gago.

In PES 2009 he competes with Diego Simeone and Matias Almeyda for the defensive midfielder position.

Redondo for Real Madrid.
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