Figueirense Futebol Clube

Club Name Figueirense Futebol Clube
Nickname(s) Figueira (The Fig Tree)
Furacão (Hurricane)
Founded 1921
Stadium Estádio Orlando Scarpelli
Manager Brazil Guto Ferreira
Division Other Leagues

Figueirense FC are a Brazilian club in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A. Being a team that alternates between first division and second, they are currently in the last place of Brasileirão 2012. They are the second team to be relegated.

[edit] Current Squad

Pos. Name Information
GK.png BrazilFlag.png Tiago Volpi
CB.png BrazilFlag.png Willian Thiego
CB.png BrazilFlag.png Nirley
RB.png BrazilFlag.png Andre Rocha
LB.png BrazilFlag.png Wellington Saci
DMF.png BrazilFlag.png Rodrigo Souto CAPTAIN
DMF.png BrazilFlag.png Paulo Roberto
CMF.png BrazilFlag.png Maylson
SS.png BrazilFlag.png Everton Santos
CF.png BrazilFlag.png Pablo Felipe
CF.png BrazilFlag.png Rafael Costa
GK.png BrazilFlag.png Alvino Neto
GK.png BrazilFlag.png Neneca
CB.png BrazilFlag.png Douglas Marques
RB.png BrazilFlag.png William
DMF.png BrazilFlag.png Nem
DMF.png BrazilFlag.png Rivaldo Barbosa
CMF.png BrazilFlag.png Luan
CMF.png BrazilFlag.png Tinga
AMF.png BrazilFlag.png Ze Roberto Oliveira
AMF.png BrazilFlag.png Tcho
SS.png BrazilFlag.png Arthur
SS.png BrazilFlag.png Ricardinho Alves
CB.png BrazilFlag.png Bruno Pires
CB.png BrazilFlag.png Douglas Silva
CB.png BrazilFlag.png Gutieri Tomelin
LB.png BrazilFlag.png Henrique Miranda
DMF.png BrazilFlag.png Willian Magrao
CMF.png BrazilFlag.png Dener
AMF.png BrazilFlag.png Diguinho
AMF.png BrazilFlag.png Raphael Botti
CF.png BrazilFlag.png Ricardo Bueno
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