Fixed Player Mode

This outlines how to be fixed as one player instead of a whole team on Xbox 360 in Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

[edit] How to get into fixed player mode

When beginning a match go to Pause menu. Here you will see Player Settings. Go to this. Go to the controller on the side you are on and press the X button. There should be 3 options at this stage go to the one on the left of the screen. This is Cursor Speed. Keep pressing left you will see Manual, Semi-Fixed and then finally Fixed. Press the A button to select it. On your way out of this menu, it will ask you what player you want. Select the player and there you go.

[edit] General Tips

  • Wingers are the easiest players to play as because it is easy to hug the line.
  • Avoid being central midfielders unless you are prepared to be very patient and are prepared to not do much running with them.
  • Do not constantly chase the ball, it will only leave your player with no stamina.
  • If you decide to be a goalkeeper, it is recommended to change the camera angle to behind the goals. (Vertical Medium)
  • Press RT to call for the ball.
  • Try not to be too selfish especially on Professional or Top Player difficulties. Remember it is a team game.

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