Flavio Conceicao

Flávio Conceição
Flavio Conceicao CB.jpg
Name Flávio da Conceição
PES Age 26
Nation ClassicBrazil.png Classic Brazil
Position CMF
Year Professionally Retired 2006
Key stats Stamina 82

Top Speed 80 Dribble Accuracy 82

Flávio Conceição (pronounced con-SAI-sao) is a former footballer from Brazil who retired in 2006 after playing for Panathinaikos. He was a regular for Brazil in the late 90s and takes his place in the Classic Brazil team because of this. Colseiso is the name that Konami have assigned to him to protect his real identity. Conceicao is one of the few defensive-minded players in the Classic Brazil team and is therefore a valuable player for them.

Conceicao for Real Madrid.
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