Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti
Name Francesco Totti
Age 38
Nation ItalyFlag.png Italy
Position SS, CF, AMF
Club Squad No. 10
Nation Squad No.
Key stats Attack - 95
Short Pass Speed - 94
Shot Accuracy - 92
Previous Clubs None

Francesco Totti is an Italian international forward who plays for AS Roma.

He is also capable of playing both as an attacking midfielder or out-and-out centre forward


[edit] PES 2008

He is the most expensive player in the Master League at the beginning of PES 2008 making him very tough to sign however very recommended.

[edit] PES 2009

His stats are almost perfect for a support striker. All of his shooting and passing stats (recognised as major attributes in successful SS) are above 89. Combined with the Passing, Scoring, 1-1 Scoring, Middle Shooting and 1-Touch Pass special abilities make him an extremely powerful player to either control, or have to take care of. This makes him a master of the free role, where he can get either himself or a teammate involved. He does lack some-what physically, with relatively poor stamina and conditioning for such a world class player. Meaning that with a player of his quality you cannot use him as much as may be convenient, especially as he is the heartbeat of Roma and difficult to replace effectively although Alberto Aquilani could be considered the next 'Totti'.

Overall Totti would be considered an outstanding transfer and would make your team a far better team however due to his high affection for Roma, this would be very unlikely.

[edit] PES 2010

Now at the age of 33, he is still considered a very good signing however would still be unlikely due to his importance to Roma. He boast high technique stats such as 95 shot technique and 95 technique making him a very good controller of the ball and striker of the ball. Even though he is old, he has a lot of his stats over 90 such as dribble accuracy, short and long pass accuracy and shot accuracy, all skills based on kicking a ball thus making him pretty much the most technically gifted player in the game, and probably the best playmaker in the game, he guarantees assists and can score with ease.

He features the card Classic No. 10, a rare and useful card, this makes him a much better playmaker and your team will also try to feed the ball to him where he will then create chances or score goals for your team making this type of player an essential player for any team. He also features minor cards such as Passer, 1-on-1 Finish, PK Taker, 1-touch play, Outside Curve, Marseille Roulette and Scooping, making him a much more effective player.

[edit] Playing Style

In real life he is best known for his close control, superb passing ability, clinical finishing as well as his technical ability in striking a football, be it with power, swerve, placed or chipped.

[edit] Hidden Talents

Totti can also perform the 'Secret Chip Shot' and difficult, rare ability, much like compatriot Alessandro Del Piero, who both share very similar styles of play.

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