Franco Baresi

Franco Baresi
Franco Baresi.jpg
Name Franco Baresi
Nation ClassicItaly.png Classic Italy
Position CWP, CB
Year Professionally Retired 1997
Key stats Defence - 98
Body Balance - 86
Response - 95

Franco Baresi is a footballer for Classic Italy who spent his entire career at AC Milan. His brother Giuseppe was also an Italy international however it was Franco who became the major force in football amassing over 80 caps for his nation. In PES 2009 he is unlocked after winning the World Cup with Italy. His name needs to be changed from Baroini. He was the last player who used the number 6 in AC Milan.

[edit] Trivia

When he was young he went to join Inter Milan's youth team with his older brother, Giuseppe Baresi who became an Internazionale player. But he failed to qualify to the squad and turned to the AC Milan squad instead and became a legendary player.

Baresi with Italy
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