Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard
Lampard2.jpg LampardRL.jpg
Name Frank James Lampard Jr.
Age 36
Nation EnglandFlag.png England
Position CMF, AMF
Club Squad No. 8
Nation Squad No. 8
Key stats (PES 2011) Short Pass Speed - 95
Long Pass Speed - 90
Shot Power - 92
Previous Clubs West Ham United

Frank Lampard is an English midfielder playing for Chelsea and the English national football team. A battle-horse, Lampard is known for a variety of high stats, such as passing, shooting and stamina.


[edit] PES 2008

Lampard is also known for his shooting ability, with the Middle shooting star, an accurate shot and a high shot power, some say Lampard's shooting ability is amongst the best for a midfielder on PES 2008. For England he can usually be found partnering Steven Gerrard in the centre of midfield to good effect despite this not being hugely successful in real life.

[edit] PES 2010

In PES 2010, for unknown reasons is usually on the transfer list at the beginning of Master League, so if you have started with a top team he is a recommended signing, but costs in the region of £20-30 million.

[edit] PES 2011

Lampard is the best CMF in the game with an incredible level of energy and a very high Shot Accuracy rating (88) considering that he is a midfielder.

[edit] PES 2013

Lampard is past his peak and his stats have deteriorated a bit but he is still a world class box to box and scoring midfielder.

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