Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer
Franz Beckenbauer.jpg
Name Franz Anton Beckenbauer
PES Age 29
Nation ClassicGermany.png Classic Germany
Position CWP, CB
Year Professionally Retired 1983
Key stats Dribble Accuracy 91

Short Pass Accuracy 90 Long Pass Accuracy 91

Franz Beckenbauer is regarded by many to be Germany's best defender of all time. This is reflected in his nickname der Kaiser (the emperor). In the Classic Germany team his stats certainly reflect this belief as well. His name in PES 2009 is Behrengauna because of licensing issues and he can only be unlocked if you win the World Cup with Germany. Another reason Beckenbauer is notable is because he is usually credited with popularising the role of the sweeper in modern football and indeed in PES he usually plays as a sweeper. He is a recommended signing and he would break into any Master League team.

Beckenbauer showing his technique
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