Fredrik Ljungberg

Freddie Ljungberg
Fredrik Ljungberg.JPG
Name Karl Fredrik Ljungberg
Age 37
Nation SwedenFlag.png Sweden
Position SMF, AMF, SS
Club Squad No. 10
Nation Squad No. retired
Key stats (PES 2009) Agility - 81
Dribble Accuracy - 84
Top Speed - 81

Fredrik "Freddie" Ljungberg is a midfielder who plays for Japanese side Shimizu S-Pulse

[edit] PES 2008

He is in the Swedish national team in PES 2008. Known for a whole host of stats, whom many believe to be overrated, Ljungberg excels mostly in his speed, passing and shooting skills which were most prominent during his successful spell at Arsenal where he played alongside Robert Pires and Thierry Henry.

[edit] PES 2010

Not playing for the national team anymore, he appears in PES 2010 under the name of Ljankeni in the PES Shop.

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