Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker
Gary Lineker.jpg
Name Gary Winston Lineker
PES Age 25
Nation ClassicEngland.png Classic England
Position CF
Year Professionally Retired 1994
Key stats Response 97

Agility 95 Shot Accuracy 97

Gary Lineker is a former footballer now playing for Classic England. He is currently the 2nd highest scorer of all time for England behind Bobby Charlton and the highest English scorer in the World Cup. He is also famous for never picking up a single yellow or red card in his career and this is reflected in PES as he would be the last player on the field to commit a rash tackle. It could be argued that he is Classic England's best striker because of the absence of Sir Bobby Charlton. In PES 2009 he is under the fake name Linden.

Lineker has also had successful spells at Everton, Tottenham and Barcelona.

Lineker puts one past Paraguay.
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