Gutierrez (Master League Default)

Name Gutierrez
Age 25
Nation Spain
Position CF, SS
Club Squad No. 28
Key stats (PES 2012) Shot Accuracy - 78
Explosive Power - 83
Stamina - 77

Gutierrez is a fictional player playing with the Master League Default Players. He is listed as being from Spain along with Ximelez and Ordaz.

[edit] PES 2009

He has one of the highest development curves (80 potential) out of all the Defaults and was added after previously being an ML Youth. Gutierrez is therefore often a favourite among PES users and it is recommended that he be one of the last players to be disposed of if you decide to rebuild the default squad.

If you let Gutierrez play enough matches in Master League, his parameter could reach near 85 with Shot Accuracy, 89 with Shot Power and 88 with Shot Technique. His best position is SS and often appears at the right place when you are attacking because of his good positioning.

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