Hector Enrique

Héctor Enrique
Hector Enrique.jpg
Name Héctor Adolfo Enrique
PES Age 24
Nation ClassicArgentina.png Classic Argentina
Position RMF
Year Professionally Retired 1995
Key stats Stamina 91

Acceleration 85 Dribble Accuracy 86

Héctor Enrique (pronounced en-REE-kay) is an Argentine former footballer now located in the Classic Argentina squad under the name Herjote. Enrique was capped few times for Argentina and these were all over 10 years before PES was released so many are surprised to see him in the Classic Argentina team especially since he has rarely played outside South America at club level, the only exception being a short spell in Japan. Nevertheless he is a reliable player when called upon and one of few right-sided players in the squad.

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