IraqFlag.png Iraq.png
Team Name Iraq
Stadium Al Shaab Stadium
Franso Hariri Stadium
Manager SerbiaFlag.png Vladimir Petrović
Captain Younis Mahmoud
Confederation AFC
Five Star Ranking Rankingstar.png

Iraq are an Asian national team in the Pro Evolution Soccer series which make their debut in PES 2010. They feature a very limited side and have fake names amongst the squad making them an unpopular choice in the game. Their best player in recent years has been Younis Mahmoud.

[edit] PES 2013 Squad

Pos. No. Fake Name Name
GK.png 12 Mulakazam Mohammed Kassid
CB.png 15 Hossanreyna Ali Hussein Rehema
RB.png 14 Sheik Salam Shaker
RB.png 16 Samad Samal Saeed
LB.png 3 Baun Nadas Basem Abbas
DMF.png 4 Quem Amer Qusay Muneer
CMF.png 20 Khatem Muthana Khalid
LMF.png 11 Haun Mohmad Hawar Mohammed
AMF.png 13 Jokli Kerrar Jasim
CMF.png 5 N. Sagrem Nashat Akram
CF.png 10 Younahs Younis Mahmood
GK.png 22 Nue Obsi Noor Sabri
GK.png 1 Haralja Haider Raad
CB.png 2 Majnero Fareed Majeed
CB.png 19 Karifom Ahmed Ibrahim Khalaf
RMF.png 8 Sasamohd Samer Saeed
RMF.png 18 Ajin Mandik Mahdi Kareem Ajil
AMF.png 6 Sai Edir Salih Sadir
AMF.png 21 Adosoraal Saad Abdulameer
CF.png 23 Rahdif Amjed Radhi
CF.png 17 Azuhra Alaa Abdul Zahra
CF.png 9 Mubakharif Mustafa Kareem
CF.png 7 Ilsa Mohmmad Imad Mohammad

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