Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher
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Name James Lee Duncan Carragher
Age 37
Nation EnglandFlag.png England
Position CB, SB, DMF
Club Squad No. 23
Nation Squad No. retired
Key stats Defence - 89
Body Balance - 85
Header - 84
Previous Clubs None

James "Jamie" Carragher is a professional footballer who currently plays for Liverpool. He is the vice-captain at Liverpool and is a first-team regular. Believed to be one of the best centre backs in the Barclays Premier League. Carragher can also operate as a right back but his preffered position is a centre back.


[edit] Previous PES Games

Carragher has always been Liverpool's main defender and usually partners Sami Hyypia in defence. He has never had a good development curve but is a solid player and very hard to beat.

[edit] PES 2009

Carragher is a first team regular for the Merseyside side and partners alongside Sami Hyypia is a very solid defence but aging defence.

[edit] PES 2010

Following Hyypia's departure from the club, he still retains his place but alongside either Martin Skrtel or Daniel Agger, whom in Master League look set to replace him after a few years as his stats quickly deteriorate whilst Skrtel and Agger get better.

[edit] Playing Style

Carragher has the ability to boss a game for his team and keep the opponent's attack in check. Carragher can also play as a full back or as a defensive midfielder when required.

[edit] PES 2013

Carragher even in his prime in past PES games such as PES 4 and PES 5 was always overrated by sections of the English media so it was no surprise he was given high stats. PES has throughout been kind to Carragher giving him decent stats. He is however (even with all this generousity thrown in) by PES 2013 only a backup, losing pace, positionally suspect by this point much like he is in real life and injured frequently.

Carragher must be sold upon starting a Master League with Liverpool. The biggest reason for this, simply is that given his old age he will most likely retire at end of 1 season and it is important to try and get at least some transfer funds from him.

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