John Carew

John Carew
Name John Alieu Carew
Age 35
Nation NorwayFlag.png Norway
Position CF, SS, WF, SMF
Club Squad No. 10
Nation Squad No. 10
Key stats (PES 2011) Body Balance - 91
Dribble Speed - 86
Shot Power - 84
Previous Clubs Valencia
Stoke City
Aston Villa

John Carew is a Norway international of Gambian descent who currently plays for West Ham.

On the Pro Evolution series he has played for a number of clubs including Lyon and Besiktas.


[edit] PES 2010

John is a powerful striker and a great asset to any team, because despite his height he is very agile and quick which gives him a mark above any of the other tall strikers, (e.g. Jan Koller and Nikola Zigic). Aswell as his speed John has clinical finishing and makes him one of the best quality for money signings in Master League.

[edit] PES 2011

Carew goes out on loan to Stoke City from Aston Villa.

[edit] Trivia

On PES5, there is a duplicate of John Carew despite both of them using his real name. The one in the Norway squad has a preset face whilst the one for Lyon has a build face but kept the special hairstyle. This is probably because he was transferred from the Besiktas squad late in development, who were unlicensed and their players had fake names in the game, and wasn't removed and replaced with his national counterpart in time.

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