Julio Arca

Julio Arca
Julio Arca.jpg
Name Julio Andrés Arca
Age 37
Nation ArgentinaFlag.png Argentina
Position LB
Club Squad No. 20
Nation Squad No. N/A
Key stats Attack - 75
Stamina - 81
Dribble Accuracy - 87
Previous Clubs Sunderland

Julio Arca is an Argentine full back who plays for Middlesbrough.

Arca is an important player for Boro due to his tough tackling and the ability to go forward to cross in the ball with great accuracy and even shoot from distance. Though he is at his peak he is worth a buy in Master League as he is a quality left back. He is capable of performing The Elastico and the unique Argentinian 360 which can also be performed by players such as Messi, Tevez and Di Maria.

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