Kakha Kaladze

Kakha Kaladze
Name Kakhaber Kaladze
Age 37
Nation GeorgiaFlag.png Georgia
Position CB, SB
Club Squad No. 4
Nation Squad No. 4
Key stats Defence - 83
Body Balance - 85
Jump - 84
Previous Clubs AC Milan

Kakhaber "Kakha" Kaladze is a Georgian defender who plays for Genoa.

He has played for AC Milan in all PES games until PES 2011.

He has been a vital member of the Milan squad in the past 8 years. Georgia haven't yet been a playable nation in the PES series but he would almost certainly be their best player if they were. He has a preset face and is the only Georgian player to ever receive one.

[edit] PES 6

He was at the peak of his career and of his PES rating with 88 in defense, 85 in body balance and 80 in both speed and acceleration.

[edit] PES 2010

His stats have been heavily lowered after failing to play regularly in real life.

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