Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle
Name Kevin Edward Doyle
Age 31
Nation IrelandFlag.png Republic of Ireland
Position CF, WF
Club Squad No. 29
Nation Squad No. 11
Key stats Attack - 80
Shot Power - 81
Aggression - 83
Previous Clubs Reading

Kevin Doyle is an Irish international striker playing for Wolverhampton Wanderers. He made his first appearance in the Pro Evolution series in PES6, playing for Reading.


[edit] PES 6

High hopes were had for Kevin Doyle to achieve, after his surprising move from Irish Premier League outfit Cork City. These hopes were reflected in his stats and development curve in PES6.

[edit] PES 2008

However, despite having a more than decent season on Reading's debut in the EPL, Doyle's stats were decreased for PES2008. Doyle is still seen as a good goal-scorer and a relatively high Body Balance gives him an edge over many strikers.

[edit] PES 2009

Doyle plays for the licensed Republic of Ireland team and therefore, appears in PES 2009 even though Reading have been relegated. He is therefore easier to sign as he doesn't play for a club.

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