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Name Korwhendal
Nation GermanyFlag.png Germany
Position CB
Club Squad No.
Key stats

Korwhendal is a fictional player from the original Master League Default Players. He is from Germany. Known as Vorlander for most of his time in the series, his relatively strong stats made him a favorite of many players.


[edit] PES

In PES he is known as Korwhendal.

[edit] PES 2

He is called Vorlander in PES 2.

[edit] PES 3

He was renamed Vornander in this edition of the game.

[edit] PES 4

He is called Vorlander in PES 4.

[edit] PES 5

To the surprise of many, he retired at the beginning of the Master League, making him unplayable in this edition. His spot on the roster seems to have been taken by Libermann

[edit] PES 2012

Vornander appears as a manager with a $10,000,000 salary in the Club Boss mode.

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