Club Name Kriedbach
First Appearance PES 2014
Division PEU League

Kriedbach is a fictional team playing in PEU League.

[edit] Starting Squad

The team starts with the following players at the beginning of the Master League.

Pos. Name Information
GK.png NetherlandsFlag.png Stingaar
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Pfonikabaden
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Uhtzscher
CB.png TurkeyFlag.png Tucigay
DMF.png GermanyFlag.png Liechenberg
RMF.png FranceFlag.png Montneuvele
LMF.png CroatiaFlag.png Hvolanec
AMF.png GermanyFlag.png Zahlenward
AMF.png ArgentinaFlag.png Quimpora
CF.png GermanyFlag.png Heintschunig
CF.png BrazilFlag.png Thelarocha
GK.png GermanyFlag.png Jorgmayr
GK.png TurkeyFlag.png Aslanoglu
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Jeuenord
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Deiksgentz
LB.png GermanyFlag.png Jarfenstein
RB.png CroatiaFlag.png Klinawmac
DMF.png GermanyFlag.png Aufleich
DMF.png NetherlandsFlag.png Vergaalen
CMF.png GermanyFlag.png Ginsbruck
CMF.png ItalyFlag.png Gossiamenti
CF.png GermanyFlag.png Peternitz
CF.png GermanyFlag.png Schuweissler
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