League Mode

In League Mode you select a team from either the English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, Dutch Eredivisie or Spanish La Liga, also there is the option of an International League and Custom League.

[edit] Playable Leagues

English Premier League - Known in the game as English League. You can choose 1 of 20 possible English teams, and guide them through the 38 fixture season. However, you cannot make transfers in this mode. You receive the trophy and 2000 PES points for use in the PES Shop.

Ligue 1 - Choose one of the 20 French teams and battle it out to become the winner of the league. For winning the trophy you are rewarded with the trophy in your cabinet and 2000 PES points, that you can use in the shop.

Serie 'A' - Similar to the other leagues it boasts the same rewards and number of matches, however, you must play as a team from the Italian Serie A league.

Eredivisie - Choose one of the 18 Dutch teams and compete to become the Eredivisie champion.

La Liga - Choose one of 20 Spanish teams and compete to become La Liga Champion. For winning this league, you are rewarded with a trophy and 2000 PES Shop points, which are of use in the PES Shop. When you play the La Liga you will be playing with a nike ball.

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