Lebanon Lebanon.jpg
Team Name Lebanon
Nickname(s) Les Cèdres (The Cedars)
Stadium Camille Chamoun Sports City
Saida International Stadium
Manager Italy Giuseppe Giannini
Captain Roda Antar
Confederation AFC.png AFC

Lebanon are an average side of Asia which made their debut in the series in PES 2013.

[edit] PES 2013

They were a quite bottom-ranked side, however their impressive campaign in the FIFA World Cup qualification in 2011 improved their ranking very much and they were included in PES 2013 so.

[edit] PES 2014 Squad

Pos. No. Name
GK.png 23 Abbas Hassan Habussein
CB.png 4 Mootaz Jounaidi Jurouneh
CB.png 3 Youssef Mohamad Montumud
RB.png 19 Ali Hamam Haramis
LB.png 18 Walid Ismail Iswahali
DMF.png 15 Haytham Faour Fatihan
DMF.png 6 Mouhamad Chamass Chapahar
AMF.png 10 Abbas Ahmad Atwi Asba Madwi
RMF.png 20 Nader Matar Madertan
LWF.png 9 Mohamad Haidar Halmil
SS.png 8 Hassan Chaito Chasinto
GK.png 21 Lary Mehanna Medhiera
GK.png 1 Nazih Assaad Akirs
CB.png 16 Bilal Najarin En Wajjarn
CB.png 2 Ali Al Saadi Salimaadi
RB.png 5 Nour Mansour Manouerah
CMF.png 17 Hussein Dakik Daresik
RMF.png 12 Adnan Haidar Adiharman
AMF.png 11 Ahmad Zreik Zamarhek
SS.png 13 Abbas Ali Atwi Atokhalawi
RWF.png 14 Fayez Chamsine Cheimesin
CF.png 7 Hassan Maatouk Mouseek
CF.png 22 Mohamad Ghaddar Gheradam

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