List of players with a generic double

An unlicensed version of a player is found when he plays for a club or more often for a national team where Konami don't currently have the rights to portray them officially. In this case the player(s) will have a fake name and a generic face, even if he is world class. It often happens that a famous player, playing for an unlicensed national team, will have two versions in the same game: the licensed one in the club, under his real name and normally with a preset face, and the unlicensed one in the national side, under a fake name and with a generic face. Sometimes a player can be licensed in a national team and under a fake name on a unlicensed team,like the case of potuguese goalkeeper Ricardo Pereira,under the fake name Rimando in Esportiva(Real Name:Sporting) in PES 5.

Weirdly enough,on earlier PES,some players don´t lose their Preset Face just like in the case of Ricardo Pereira.

The stats are identical in the 99% of the cases (only some Japanese players had different stats in the past). Sometimes, due to licensing or transfer issues, one of the two versions disappear or re-appear after an update.

This page has been created to help editors to find which players they'd need to delete in order to make the cleanest Option File.


[edit] PES 2011

These players in PES 2011 have generic doubles.

[edit] Europe

[edit] BosniaFlag.png Bosnia

No Image.png Sanel Jahic (Jorhic)

Spahic.jpg Emir Spahic (Skarac)

MiralemPjanic.jpg Miralem Pjanic (Planac)

Misimovic2011.JPG Zvjezdan Misimovic (Mikinoric)

MuslimovicNEW.JPG Zlatan Muslimovic (Mrtovic)

[edit] MontenegroFlag.png Montenegro

No Image.png Nikola Drincic (Djorcic)

No Image.png Simon Vukcevic (Vumomiteic)

Jovetic2.jpg Stevan Jovetic (Jormac)

Vucinic2.jpg Mirko Vucinic (Vujudaic)

[edit] SerbiaFlag.png Serbia

Vidic.jpg Nemanja Vidic (Viricchi)

No Image.png Aleksandar Lukovic (Luminac)

IvanovicNEW.PNG Branislav Ivanovic (Ikavic)

Kolarov.jpg Aleksandar Kolarov (Korsevic)

Stankovic.jpg Dejan Stankovic (D. Stankvic)

Nenad Milijas.jpg Nenad Milijas (Mihalinas)

MilosKrasic.jpg Milos Krasic (Krunacchi)

No Image.png Milan Jovanovic (Josarolic)

No Image.png Marko Pantelic (Pabelic)

NikolaZigic.jpg Nikola Zigic (Miruic)

Ortamovic.jpg Ivan Obradovic (Ortamovic)

Ninkovic.jpg Milos Ninkovic (Nicorvic)

No Image.png Danko Lazovic (Lagoric)

[edit] SlovakiaFlag.png Slovakia

Skrtel2.jpg Martin Skrtel (Sirikael)

[edit] UkraineFlag.png Ukraine

Anatoliy Tymoshchuk.jpg Anatoliy Tymoschuk (Tylasetzk)

[edit] WalesFlag.png Wales

[edit] Africa

[edit] AlgeriaFlag.png Algeria

[edit] AngolaFlag.png Angola

[edit] GuineaFlag.png Guinea

[edit] MaliFlag.png Mali

[edit] MoroccoFlag.png Morocco

[edit] NigeriaFlag.png Nigeria

[edit] SenegalFlag.png Senegal

[edit] TogoFlag.png Togo

[edit] TunisiaFlag.png Tunisia

[edit] The Americas

[edit] CanadaFlag.png Canada

[edit] CostaRicaFlag.png Costa Rica

[edit] HondurasFlag.png Honduras

[edit] MexicoFlag.png Mexico

[edit] TrinidadFlag.png Trinidad & Tobago

[edit] USAFlag.png United States

[edit] ParaguayFlag.png Paraguay

[edit] VenezuelaFlag.png Venezuela

[edit] Asia/Oceania

[edit] BahrainFlag.png Bahrain

[edit] ChinaFlag.png China

[edit] IranFlag.png Iran

[edit] IraqFlag.png Iraq

[edit] KuwaitFlag.png Kuwait

[edit] NorthKoreaFlag.png North Korea

[edit] OmanFlag.png Oman

[edit] QatarFlag.png Qatar

[edit] SaudiArabiaFlag.png Saudi Arabia

[edit] SyriaFlag.png Syria

[edit] ThailandFlag.png Thailand

[edit] UAEFlag.png United Arab Emirates

[edit] UzbekistanFlag.png Uzbekistan

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