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The songs in the game are different to previous versions, however in PES 2009 it is possible to create your own playlist with your own MP3 Songs, you first have to create a file called 'KONAMI_PLAYLIST' and add the music from the playstation menu and then add them to the playlist on the PES menu.

Playlist editor location in the Gallery

The following is a list of songs (all Konami originals) featured in PES 2009:

Genre Name
Acid Jazz Halftime Hero
Acid Jazz Ambiguous Tea
Acid Jazz Rest And Strain
Big Beat Super Saviour
Drum'n'Bass Preparedness
Electrock Bring it On
Electrock Kickin' For A Livin'
Electrock On Time/All Mine
Funk Get easy
Funk Small and Fat
Grunge All About The Money
Grunge Big Shoes
Grunge Lay Low
Indie/Pop Echoes In My Head
Indie/Pop Straighten Out
Indie/Rock Where The Sun Meets The Sea
Indie/Rock Testament
Indie/Rock Hearts & Nails
Indie/Rock Today Somehow
Indie/Rock Do It Again
Indie/Rock People Power
Latin House Like A Dance
Pop Let's Move
Pop My Epiphany
Pop We're on your team
Punk Born to Win
Punk Love of the Game
Punk Everyman For Himself
Punk High stakes
Rock Hero For A Day
Rock We're Alright
Rock The game moved
Rock The level
Rock Get Your Game On
Rock Yellow Card
Techno From East to West
Trance 22 Heroes
Trance Winning Anthem (Original Version)
Trance r.e.d.
Trip Hop Be Your Answer
Trip Hop Franken Girl
Trip Hop Harder Ground

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