Marcelo Salas

Marcelo Salas
Marcelo Salas.jpg
Name José Marcelo Salas Melinao
Age 40
Nation Chile
Position CF, SS
Key stats (PES 2013) Attack - 88
Responsiveness - 93
Jump - 95
Previous Clubs Universidad de Chile
River Plate

Marcelo Salas is a legendary former Chilean striker known as "El Matador" who holds the most goals record for his country and has enjoyed a fantastic career playing for some of Europe's most prestigious teams. In previous PES games he has featured for Lazio, Juventus and River Plate. He was last playing for Universidad de Chile, the club he began his extraordinary career at.

[edit] PES 2009

It looks like PES 2009 will be the last PES game he appears in as a licensed player with a preset face and he will almost definitely be an unlockable player as he has done in previous versions of PES because he was at a club that did not appear in PES along with Ivan Zamorano.

He is best known for having a great strike partnership at Lazio with Hernan Crespo. But this was never featured in any of the PES games as they both moved on before the release of the first PES.

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