Marek Matejovsky

Marek Matejovsky
Name Marek Matejovsky
Age 36
Nation CzechFlag.png Czech Republic
Position CMF, SMF
Club Squad No. 7
Nation Squad No. 17
Key stats Dribble Accuracy - 84
Short Pass Accuracy - 83
Long Pass Accuracy - 81
Previous Clubs

Marek Matejovsky is a Czech international midfielder.

[edit] PES 2008

Matejovsky's first appearance in the Pro Evolution Soccer series was in the latest installment, PES 2008, when Matejovsky could be found in the Czech national team, for whom he wears the Number 12 shirt. Capable of playing in defensive midfield and as a centre back, some consider Matejovsky a very useful player. With a range of decent stats, including several stats within the '70s', Matejovsky is seen by many as a welcome addition to any manager struggling in the Master League mode, as his versatility and stats, along with small transfer fee make him a very capable player.

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